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  1. The Race Writing Method
    – Race is a acronym used to help with your writing. It stand for Restate, Answer, Cite and Explain. We use the race method anytime you have to explain your answer our make your response longer. We use Race so we can really explain our answer so the reader would know what your talking about.
    Narrative Writing
    – Narrative writing is writing a story about anything you want and it is usually fiction. Some tips to write a successful narrative is be creative. Being creative would make your story interesting. The narrative format is very easy first it’s the Exposition. In the Exposition it introduces the setting and the characters. You have to set up or hints at the conflict. Second is the rising action it shows the conflict unfolds and becomes more complicated this build suspense.
    Expository/ Explanatory/Informational Writing
    -An expository essay presents or explains information and ideas. Tips on writing a good essay is to express feelings, to inform, to entertain, to persuade. In the first paragraph 2 you need to restate the 1st detail, then show examples, give an explanation of examples. In the 3rd and 4th paragraph you do the same thing as paragraph 2. In paragraph 5 you have to summarize main idea, summarize 3 details, and a closing phrase.
    Argument Writing
    – A argument writing is speaking or writing that expresses a position on a problem and supports it with reasons and evidence. Tips to writing a successful essay is have a lot of evidence for your side and make the other side look like their wrong. The argument writing format is 1st paragraph hook your side and why the other side is wrong and 3 reasons. 2,3,4 body paragraphs with the reason. Paragraph 5 closing paragraph.
    Literary Analysis
    – A literary analysis is when you examine one or two elements of a literary text, such as plot, characters, or theme. Tips to writing a successful literary analysis is develop an original interpretation of the text using evidence that is supported. The format for literary Analysis is essay for class, blog post, magazine article, speech, critique in a book review magazine and discussion.
    – A form of literature meant to be performed by actors in front of an audience. Some ways to write a successful play is to have characters, and use dialogue.
    Close Ready
    – Close reading is a skill to help determine the purpose. Student should read closely because it help focus on the little details. To read closely you have to question your self about things you don’t know.
    Context Clues
    – Context clues are when you encounter an unfamiliar word you will use context clues when you don’t know what a word is. Go back in the story and find the word you don’t know. Then look around the word for help to define the word for help to define the word you don’t know.

  2. Counteragent-a counteragent is an argument made a oppose another argument
    Dialogue-dialogue is written conversation between two or more characters.
    •Example-Tasha said “I love you,”
    Toya said “I love you to.”

    Drama-a drama, or play is a form of literature meant to be performed by actor in the font of audience.

    Draw conclusions- to draw a conclusion is to make a judgment or arrive at a belief based on evidence, experience and reasoning.

    Editorial- an editorial is an option piece that usually appear on the Editor page of a newspaper or as part of a new broadcast.

    Emotional appeals- emotional appeals are message that create strong feelings to make a point.

    Essay- an essay is a short work of nonfiction that deals with a single subject.

    Evaluate- to evaluate is to examine something carefully and to judge its value or worth.

    Evidence- evidence is a specific piece of importation that supports a claim.

    Exposition- Is the the first stage of a typical story plot.
    •example- just had a promising future as and athlete.

    External conflict- involves a character who struggles against a force outside him or her self.
    •example-a character has an argument or disagreement with someone else.

    Fact vs. opinion- a fat is a statement that can be proved, or verified. An opinion, on the other hand is a statement that cannot be proved.

    Falling action- the falling action is the stage of the plot in which the story begins to draw to a close.
    •example-let’s look a Star Wars (1977) the falling action of the plot occurs when the heroes are rewarded.

    Fantasy- fantasy is a type of fiction that is highly imaginative and portrays events, setting or characters that are unrealistic.

    Fiction- fiction is pose writing that tells an imaginary story.

    Figurative language- in figurative language words are used in an imaginative way to express ideas that are not literally true.

    First person point of view- the narrator is a character in the story and uses first person pronouns such as I, me, and we.

    Flashback- in a literary work, a flashback is an interruption of the action to present events that took place at an earlier time.
    •example- in “the last dog”Katherine Paterson uses flashback to explain how broke became interested in the “ancient fictions” and the world outside the dome.

    Foil- a foil is a character who provides a striking contrast to another character.

    Foreshadowing- foreshadowing occurs when a writer provides hits that suggests future events in a story.
    •example-in the myth “icarus and Daedalus,” daedalus warning about flying close to the sun hint at icarus fate.

    Genre- the term genre refers to a category in which a work of literature is classified.

    Graphic organizer- a organizer is a “word” picture— a visual illustration of a verbal statement —that helps a reader understand a text.

    Historical Fiction- a short story or a novel can be called historical fiction when it is set in the past and includes real places and real events of historical importance.

    Humor-humor is a quality that proves laughter or amusement.

    Hyperbole-hyperbole is a figure of speech In which the truth is exaggerated for emphasis or humorous effect.
    •example-“I could sleep for a year.”

    Idiom- an idiom is un expression that has a meaning different from the meaning of its individual words.
    •example-“to go to the dog” is an idiom meaning “to go to ruin.”

    Imagery-imagery consists of words and phrases appeal to a reads five sense.
    •Example- when the sun paints the desert with its gold I climb the hills wind runs round boulders, ruffles my hair.

    Index- the index of a book is an alphabetized list of important topics covered in the book and the page numbers on which they can be found.

    Inference- an inference is a logical guess that is made based on facts and ones own knowledge and experience.

    Information text-informational text writing that provides factual information.

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