3 comments on “Agenda for December 1, 2015

  1. 1. The topic of this article is lessons from failure because in the story they is telling you that when you fail it helps you do better next time.

    2. The main idea of the story is to tell the reader how when you fail you have a chance to try again.

    3. The reason people fail is because sometimes people don’t try enough or just don’t care.

    4. The reason people to succeed is because people want to do good in life.

  2. 1.the topic of the article is lesson from failure because its the title of the story
    2.the main idea is about how you should never give up and about pressure when you do give up
    3.people fail because they don know what to do . no i dont agree because when i dont know what to do i try to remember
    4.people keep trying to succeed because they know they can accomplish it. yes i do agree

  3. THIS TOPIC IS about “people who fail can also try focusing on emotions, says Bhanji. The test-taker might feel bad now, but he can convince himself that things will look brighter in the morning. Bhanji describes that as an emotion-focused approach.” THAT what is say in the topic

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