One comment on “Saturday’s Extra-Credit Assignment

  1. Sebastian Velascom702

    So far Tangerine had been a pain in the butt because I barely know anybody or have freinds. I really wish I was in Texas where all my freinds are at. There’s also a whole on the ground near me called a muck hole. Once when I was sleeping I smelled smoke when it was morning I told my mom and then she quickly called 911 the firefighters took so long. When they arrived they asked what’s wrong , my mom told there was lots of smoke from an unknown fire the firefighter laughed and said it was a hole on the ground called a muck hole where the smoke came out and is impossible to stop the smoke.
    When he left I was just wondering how that happened but I have to live with it now. Hope to go back soon.

    From your pal
    Paul Fisher

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