6 comments on “Spring Break Extra-Credit Assignment #1

  1. After we are done testing i think we should start doing what we just to do at the beggining of the school year to do reading activities with the class and read outloud stories, in groups.

  2. I think we should do something like a big project. Since we’ve been working on plays lately I think we should all write our own play . It can be about what we want but you have to pick the group’s & the group’s can be like of 4-5 students . We Can have props & all that & we can take like 2 days & let everyone perform their plays ! It can only be like for a week . Like you can assign it to us when we come back & have our groups all set up .You can want it back that next Wednesday & it can be like 20% of our grade like that project about the homeless girl !

  3. Dear Mr.Burkholtz,
    Well Mr.Burkholtz I am writing this to you today because I have a couple of Ideas after testing is done of course. Well first I was thinking that we could have a little fun like maybe lend us a couple of fictional or Non-Fictional books in class and we could write a little summary about to the book and talk about it with the rest of the class. After that we could maybe watch a couple of educational or even entertaining movies. At the end of all the testing and everything we could have free time and even hang outside now and then.

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